this page is all about me and my facination with cars and the like.

SAs a driver for 22 years and a trainier of drivers for 11 years I have been longed involved with helping people to improve their drivig performance and I sure do know my stuff. Top gear, 5th and a host of tv shows and accompanying magazines along with handouts from the DVSA and insytructor associations are often the source of om inspiration and information relating to industry news.

the biggest benefit i find to being male and in my 40s is that I am also a natural driver, I dont driver a bmw or an audi because lets face it Im not a tosser and while I clearly do like to have a laugh and a joke I also am serious about polishing my Robin Reliant. It has great fuel consumption and can manage 30 going down hill.
Anyway I hope you like the different takei have on things in life